Over the past decade, we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with various leaders who are making people and culture their #1 priority. They’ve had the title, we’ve read about them in articles, we’ve heard them share their culture stories at various conferences and events, and they lead organizations that have been recognized among Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, by Great Place To Work and as Top 100 Employers of BC and Canada.

As we connected with these individuals, we realized that creating a People and Culture First organization isn’t easy—even for them. It’s extremely difficult to maintain and sustain such a culture, especially in today’s complex world.

So, what is a People and Culture First organization and how do you build one?

These are the questions we’ve been on a mission to define through our BC Workplace Culture Scan Report 2020.

Click here to download the report.

The BC Workplace Culture Scan Report 2020 shares the following:

– A practical definition of workplace culture

– The ROI of workplace culture (5 Whys)

– The top five culture themes from BC companies

– Local BC Culture Innovators

– Culture Kit that includes BC Statistics, Top Trends, and Culture Assessment Tools

Get an inside look at BC’s workplace culture today!