Culture Leadership 3According to The Energy Project, 74% of employees are experiencing an energy crisis – stressed, overwhelmed, overloaded, and becoming disengaged from their work. This negative energy is then carried over at home. Our shared responsibility to create the best workplace experience now goes beyond the office.

Unlike traditional HR programs, this innovative and integrative learning will elevate the human skills of the key influencers of people and culture within organizations. The program is focused on strengthening the Culture Leaders first so that they can show up as their best selves and lead by example, and as a result, inspire and grow other Culture Leaders. Not sure where to start? The program also includes a simple and quick way to define and measure your unique culture through an online assessment. The Culture Vibe Report will provide you with key insights that will support the creation of a clear and actionable Culture Vision Plan, ensuring you are laser focused on your current culture needs today!

This training program will focus on three Culture Leadership™ dimensions: ME (Empower Self), YOU (Empower Team), and WE (Empower Company).

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  • Re-energize your personal “why”
  • Strengthen your leadership presence, confidence and courage
  • Build up your capacity and resilience
  • Grow leadership capacity and capability throughout the organization
  • Create and inspire human connection between Leaders and Teams
  • Everyone feels cared for and empowered within your organization
  • Understand clearly what’s important to your Leaders and Team – focus
  • Design and facilitate programs that improve engagement and performance
  • Develop a coaching and learning culture



3 Day Workshop

Day 1: Empower Self

Define Culture Leader Profile (Strengths, Values, EQ)

Day 2: Empower Team

Learn and Strengthen Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Skills

Day 3: Empower Company

Learn and Practice Human Centered Design Thinking and Masterminding

Culture Vibe Assessment

Simple and quick online (desktop and mobile) assessment to measure current culture needs at start of the program and at 1 year to measure impact of applied solutions. Pulse Vibes™ are quarterly 1 minute assessments to measure impact of coaching and emotional intelligence skills integration.

6 Monthly 2.5 Hour Workshops

Experiential sessions focused on 6 culture elements and using human centered design thinking on current workplace challenges.

6 Monthly 90 Minute Success Circles

Interactive sessions to share learning and encourage collaboration, and facilitated by Mastermind Coaches with Senior Culture Leadership Experience.


  • Culture Leader Kit™: Culture Leader Profile, Culture Vibe Report and Culture Vision Plan
  • Two Emergenetics and EQi Profiles for team
  • Online Resources Page
  • Community Forum
  • Certified Culture Leader(CCL) at program completion (1 year)
  • Eligible to join future Success Circle Program


*Detailed outline with learning objectives is available upon request.

To learn more, contact or call 604.561.8143.


Are you ready to make culture your #1 priority?