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INDUSTRY: Quantum Computing Software

OPPORTUNITY: 1QBit solves industry’s most demanding computational challenges by recasting problems to harness the power of quantum computing. They are a unique organization that is part academic and corporate, making how they connect and communicate a key element to their success. To support their transparent culture, the team needed a program that would give them simple tools and techniques to improve their communication skills immediately.

OUTCOME: Like many other startups in Vancouver, 1QBit was experiencing exponential growth. As they continued to grow, it was time to bring the company together and learn a simple yet common language to strengthen their team communications. To adapt to their various schedules, we offered three sessions for three modules. Our Learning Bootcamp: Courageous Conversations provided them the opportunity to refresh their skills in active listening, communication styles, performance feedback, radical candor, and coaching.

LEARNING: Due to the academic background and knowledge of this team, taking the time to discuss the “why” was important. Our conversation style of facilitation allowed for the team to ask questions and use their experience to collectively define communication concepts that work best for them and their culture. They also enjoyed the practice sessions and wanted more time to play with the tools we provided. We are excited to see the 1QBit team integrate the learning and start creating meaningful connections at work and at home.

Sep 26 2012
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