About the Project

INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing

OPPORTUNITY: Major Tom (previously 6S Marketing and Drive Digital) is an international squad of digital marketing superstars. With offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, their success has been growing since the year 2000. They remain a trusted Premier Google Partner, with more Google-certified strategists than 99% of agencies worldwide. When they reached out to us about being ready to strengthen their leadership skills, we were excited to learn more. Their unique culture required specific skills that empowered their Leaders to lead by example and become more influential with their team members and clients. After discovering what matters to them most, we co-designed a customized program and created a Train the Trainer component so that their internal People and Culture Lead would have the opportunity to share the same program going forward with new Leaders promoted within and joining their team.

OUTCOME: The custom designed Essence Leadership Program provided the Major Tom Leaders a space to build trust, alignment and connection. Most of the Leaders that participated in this program had little to no previous leadership training. We designed the program to speak to all levels of experience ensuring everyone felt safe to share their thoughts and ideas. The program also gave the participants the opportunity to practice and integrate the learning into a daily practice, and as a result building their confidence. Over the last 3 years, we continue to facilitate the Emergenetics portion of the program, while their internal People and Culture Lead facilitates the rest of their custom designed leadership training program.

LEARNING: Leadership starts from the inside out. Major Tom was one of the first clients to learn and share our Essence Leadership Program. We loved customizing the exercises and conversations to align with real life scenarios and organically growing with the Leaders. We are excited to see the Major Tom team grow more superstars!

Apr 21 2016
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