About the Project

INDUSTRY: Interactive Entertainment

OPPORTUNITY: BANDAI NAMCO is an entertainment leader who is constantly exploring new areas and heights in the industry. When BANDAI NAMCO opened a Vancouver studio, their senior executives leading the operations in Vancouver were looking for leadership development training and executive coaching so that they can effectively lead teams in Canada and create a culture that would thrive in Vancouver yet still be aligned with their head office in Japan.

OUTCOME: We had the privilege of customizing a leadership training program that strengthened their leadership skills in three dimensions: self (ME), team/relationships (YOU), business/organization (WE). We started with defining a leadership profile for each executive which included core values, leadership purpose, strengths using StrengthsFinder, emotional intelligence, and energy management. Once the leaders were grounded in their core, we then moved into delivering interactive training experiences that strengthened their coaching, feedback, recognition, conflict management and leading change skills. We used a coach approach to facilitate the training so that the leaders felt empowered and could apply real life experiences for each topic. As with all gaming studios, time is precious. We were flexible in accommodating changing schedules and travel plans so that the training was consistent and delivered at the best time for all the leaders.

LEARNING: Everyone is a leader and has the potential to grow when they are fully open to the process. If you are passionate about serving others and you know how to care, you are a natural leader. We are excited to see BANDAI NAMCO become one of the best companies to work for in Vancouver!

Aug 14 2014
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