About the Project

INDUSTRY: Technology

OPPORTUNITY: FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR) is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of their proprietary thermal imaging infrared cameras. Their success comes from supporting their customers, employees and shareholders with innovation. They strive to save lives and livelihoods, and to do this, their goal is to have their corporate values (Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Ready, Be Ambitious) embodied by all FLIR 4,000 team members globally. Our opportunity was to support them do just that.

OUTCOME: Our relationship with FLIR started with Point Grey Research, Inc. (PGR). We partnered with PGR on launching their Engagement Survey, providing 1:1 Leadership Coaching, and re-designing their Performance Management Program. In October 2016, PGR was then acquired by FLIR and we had the unique opportunity to support the culture integration of the FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions (previously Point Grey Research) with the global FLIR Systems organization. The culture journey for FLIR is ongoing, and the culture cohesion continues to be implemented and shared worldwide. To date, we have supported their efforts with the following:

  • – Executive and Leadership 1:1 and Group Coaching
  • – Annual Culture Vibe Survey and Culture Report
  • – Values Integration Workshop at Leadership Retreat
  • – Custom FLIR-branded SPARK Values Cards
  • – Culture Workshop to introduce SPARK Values Cards at their Leadership Summit with their top 150 Worldwide Senior Leaders in Miami, Florida
  • – Custom Leadership Training on Active Listening and Performance Feedback, Compensation Conversations and Building Trust Using Emergenetics
  • Essence Leadership Program with the Senior Leaders from their FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions Team
  • – Custom Train the Trainer Values Integration Workshop for FLIR Ambassadors that will share SPARK Values Cards and Training across global organization


LEARNING: The key to integrating two unique cultures is creating the space for everyone to have a voice. What we loved about partnering with PGR and then with FLIR is having the relationships and trust to facilitate and support significant conversations around aligning leadership and teams to become one FLIR. It is still an ongoing process and one that will take time to develop. We will continue to share programs that will empower the Leaders and Team to become stronger and more connected to the bigger vision of FLIR.

May 26 2015
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