About the Project


INDUSTRY: Mobile Gaming

OPPORTUNITY: Hothead Games is an independent mobile games studio that creates concepts, develops the games and publishes them. Their success comes from hiring the smartest and talented people so that they can do their magic! Their goal is to continue to keep winning over loyal fans while building more platform-pushing technology and delivering on big entertainment for little screens everywhere!  To support Hothead Game’s thriving culture, there was an opportunity to deliver experiential team development training to strengthen communication and collaboration for team members in a new leadership role and those expanding their teams. Hothead Games was ready to bring together leaders of different functional areas and kick start this leadership journey through completing the first module of our Essence Leadership Program.

OUTCOME: The Essence Leadership Program is focused on elevating leadership skills in three dimensions: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Business. Hothead Games chose to focus on the first dimension of Leading Self. They discovered ways of building a strong leadership foundation by understanding the teams’ common thinking and behavioural preferences. Other topics explored in this module included defining their personal core values, leadership purpose and creating a strong career vision. The Leaders received a complete Leadership Profile, job aids, pre/post work assignments, and an online resources page. Hothead Games was in the midst of a game launch during the course of the program, which challenged schedules. As one member stated “It took a lot of energy to balance the time commitment with my other obligations”. Since we provide complete access to our presentations and inspired actions to integrate their learning, team members can catch up on missed sessions with the support of their Success Circles.

LEARNING: The key to the success of implementing this program was having a Culture Champion within the organization who helped co-create the best learning experience for their team. We also implemented an ongoing feedback system within our program, where each team member shared their honest and authentic feedback at the end of each session. We were able to adjust our delivery and various exercises to suit the learning styles of the team, while keeping the intention of each topic. This resulted with each team member developing a strong leadership foundation, an increased curiosity about how they can engage their best self while leading others, and a high level of commitment to continue enhancing their leadership skills. We look forward to seeing this team evolve from the dimension of Leading Self to Leading Team.

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