About the Project

INDUSTRY: Technology

OPPORTUNITY: For over 15 years, Navarik has been the leading provider of physical operations software and data services for the commodity trading industry. In the fall of 2013, Navarik was ready for their next phase of growth under a newly formed leadership team. They reached out to SPARK Creations to build alignment and trust among executive leadership, and to redefine their core values, purpose, and leadership guiding principles to support the new direction of the company.

OUTCOME: Over a 3-day culture design training, Navarik defined a new set of core values, purpose and principles that increased communication between teams, hired the right team members, and created a unique culture that was more energizing and collaborative. Over the next 6 months, SPARK Creations also developed their HR infrastructure integrating the core values into their people and culture programs.

LEARNING: Having a team of leaders who are open and self-aware are key to making sustainable change. Trust is built when you give trust first. The Navarik leadership team is one of the best teams we have worked with. We look forward to seeing them grow, reaping the benefits of the culture they have created.

Nov 13 2013
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