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OPPORTUNITY: Since 1987, Sugoi has focused on quality, comfort, design, and durability to create purpose-built apparel for cycling, training and triathlon. In 2005, the original Founders sold Sugoi and the company is now part of Dorel’s vast portfolio of companies, which include Cannondale, Schwinn, Caloi, GT Bicycles, and Sombrio to name a few. In July of 2016, Sugoi was ready to build stronger alignment and trust among its leadership team through completing our Essence Leadership Program.

OUTCOME: Due to the flexible nature of our program, Sugoi decided to offer the courses bi-weekly and tri-weekly to accommodate various travel schedules. The Essence Leadership Program is focused on elevating leadership skills in three dimensions: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Business. The program consists of three modules with 12 training sessions on various topics such as Core Values and Purpose Discovery, Building Trust, Performance Feedback, Coaching Conversations, Recognition, Leveraging Diversity, Creating Team Flow and Leading Change. The Leaders received a complete Leadership Profile, Flow Plan, Job Aids, Pre/Post Work Assignments, and Online Resources Page. Sugoi continued to grow during the course of the program and were able to effectively integrate three new Leaders to join the program mid way using Success Circles.

LEARNING: The key to the success of implementing this program was having the General Manager and Head of People fully engaged and leading the group through the training. They were truly leading by example and their commitment was contagious and inspiring. The Leaders also completed their inspired actions after every session and applied the learning into their day to day immediately. From the first training session, they shared stories on how their team already noticed a change in their communication and leadership style. We are excited to connect with this team in one year to hear more inspiring stories of growth and learning.

Jun 23 2017
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