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About the Project


INDUSTRY: Web and Mobile Applications

OPPORTUNITY: Venture Media is a unique company nestled in the heart of Yaletown with a fun, incubator-style development environment. They intuitively had a sense of their core values and were now ready to declare them in simple words that would inspire the team.

OUTCOME: Over a 3-day culture design training, we worked with the entire company to extract their personal core values. It was a great way to have each team member participate in the process. Using the team’s values, we then worked with the leaders to come up with the first draft of the organizational core values. Over the next few months, we worked with their HR Director to facilitate the process of refining the values internally so that it rang true to the hearts of the Venture Media team. A year later, they were ready to integrate these values through our Team Communication training program. They offered the program to the entire company as a way to inspire trust, collaboration and creativity. They started with learning about their brain and behaviour attributes using Emergenetics and the mobile app and then applied this learning to other topics that included building trust, active listening and peer coaching, performance feedback and courageous conversations, recognition and gratitude, leveraging diversity and human differences, and activating team performance.

LEARNING: Values need time to settle in with the organization. Getting to a place where everyone resonates with the values is key to the integration and buy in. This time is precious and creates a stronger connection to the values across the whole organization. Also, the learning is only sustainable if shared frequently and consistently. Finding a strong internal champion also ensured the conversations created through the team training continued into their day to day. We are excited to see the new and creative ways that Venture Media will increase human connection and elevate the life experience at their workplace.

Jun 16 2017
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