SPARK Essentials Women’s 2.5 Days Soul Weekend Experience

After pausing for 2 years, we brought back our flagship retreat on Friday, October 26th to Sunday, October 28th, 2018. This 2.5 day experience was unlike any of our past retreats. This was a new weekend thoughtfully designed by our SPARK Creators Jennifer Curleigh and Leah Hennessey Rai.

The women experienced inspiring conversations that connected to the light and shadow areas of their being, learned sustainable practices that were easy to integrate, and developed a strong and loving relationship with themselves and others.

Take a moment to read Marianne’s review from that weekend.


Earlier this fall, I attended my first SPARK Essentials 2.5 day women’s retreat. I went into the weekend without much knowledge of what was to come, but I could never have anticipated the magic that would transpire.

On the last weekend in October, a fellow SPARKner opened up her warm and welcoming home to a group of thirteen women. While we were all connected to the SPARK family in some way, many of us had never met before. Teresa’s home offered a safe and inviting space for meeting, sharing, laughing, dancing, creating and loving.

The weekend was led by SPARK culture collaborators Leah and Jen, with support from co-founders Aileen (aka Mama SPARK) and Lorie, as well as Sharon! The amount of thought and love that the SPARK family poured into every detail of the weekend was incredible. From the decor to the music, the activities to the journal prompts, the poems to the graduation gift—everything was beautifully thought out and deeply meaningful. The SPARK family created the perfect backdrop for Expansion, Wholeness and Peace, the themes for the weekend.

For me, the year leading up to the retreat was one of many changes. I moved to Vancouver in September of 2017, worked in my previous field for six months and then made a pretty major career change earlier this year. While I was feeling happy with how everything had settled, I was still struggling to own my power and live authentically as my whole self. At Essentials, I was hoping to gain insights and tools that would help me to do both.

The weekend was extremely powerful. Surrounded by a group of strong, loving, supportive women, I was able to dig deep and open my heart. The whole experience was incredibly healing and has helped me lean into my fears of playing BIG and living my truth. Since the Essentials weekend, I have been open and ready to embrace several exciting personal and professional changes that I may not have embraced wholeheartedly before.

On the last day, the SPARK family prepared gifts for each of us to commemorate our weekend together. Part of the gift was an individual statement—a recurring theme that had appeared for each of us throughout the weekend. Mine read, “imperfectly perfect.” The drive for perfectionism is something I’ve had for as long as I can remember and the weight it had placed on my heart showed up during many of our discussions that weekend. SPARK Essentials helped me to find peace in being imperfectly perfect, just as I am in this moment, and I am forever grateful.

– Marianne Brimmell

Sharon Brown-John