SPARK Play – Humanizing the Workplace with Empathy and Compassion

SPARK Play is an interactive training session that inspires more creativity, human connection, and fun for our community of business owners, Leaders and Teams. It will be a playground for all of us to learn and grow together!

September 13, 2018: “Humanizing the Workplace with Empathy and Compassion”
Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson published a study in 1999 that defined psychological safety as “…a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.” To create a workplace where people feel safe and cared for requires leaders and teams to increase human connection. To be human is to bring more empathy and compassion to the workplace.

In this SPARK Play workshop, the following Culture Leaders shared how their organizations create psychological safety through implementing empathy and compassionate training programs.

– Belén Welch, HR Manager, Microsoft Canada

– Sheila Gonzalez, Director, People and Culture, Lululemon

– Joe Deobald, Entrepreneur in Residence, Left and RightMesh

Following the panel, we experienced an interactive workshop lead by Playologist, Kirsten Anderson of Integrate Play Solutions to strengthen our empathy and compassion skills.

NEXT SPARK PLAY: February 21, 2019

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