SPARKner SpotLight – Claire Snyman


Describe your dream project. 

My dream project, Two Steps Forward, is multidimensional but based on the concept of taking life one step at a time and with those steps, you can move forward. Based off my own patient journey as a brain tumor survivor, Two Steps Forward aims to connect and support individuals or caregivers on a similar path. Two Steps Forward started out as my journal about six months after my brain surgery as I struggled to make sense of all the emotions I was feeling. It was then published as a book and now carries on as I write, speak and continue to connect with others and look for innovative ways to support them.

My project also aims to inspire and guide people to stand up for their bodies so that they can partner with their health care professionals in their healing journey. The art of being our own advocate can be applied to so many areas of our lives, not just our health! During my patient journey, I quickly realized that I would have to learn new skills, terminology and how to deal with changing health care needs. I became the patient expert in my own care. Two Steps Forward is also about knowing that life’s small delights are just as important to embrace, be grateful for and believe in. We are only here for the blink of an eye so lets’ “Breathe in the small things”.


What are your core values and purpose and how do they align with your dream project? 

My core values are to believe, love, be powerfully courageous and grateful. My purpose is to embrace life and love completely. These align with my dream project in that I have had to believe in myself and be powerfully courageous in many aspects in order to write and publish a book, get up and speak in front of audiences and connect with people. However, knowing how grateful and lucky I am to be here and embracing life – that is what drives me to do what I am doing today.


What life lesson do you want to share with others?

I have learnt that nothing is impossible. If you have something to share, even if it will help one person, it is worth it. Believe in yourself, be courageous, reach out to your network and be patient with yourself and your efforts – it does not happen overnight, but it can happen!

One of my life mottos is “change is the only constant” and this rings true in my life. The past seven years since my diagnosis with my brain tumour have certainly lived up to this. But with change comes opportunity. There are rough times during change, and that is inevitable, its life. But when I figured out how to ride the waves of uncertainty, it helped me manage the change in my life. This was a key lesson for me. Learning to surf those waves!

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