SPARKner Spotlight – Lisa Chan


Describe your dream project. 

The Sparkle Retreat is a sleepover retreat offering practical skills for self-growth in a fun, relaxing and safe environment for girls between 8-12 years old. This retreat will be a well rounded space for girls to explore who they are and how to embrace their uniqueness while learning about practical life-skills. The workshop is aimed at giving girls easy to understand tools to help them outwardly express their individual uniqueness and have greater compassion with others. This will lead to building confidence, greater self-acceptance and kindness.


What are your core values and purpose and how do they align with your dream project? 

The core values that define who I am are Compassion, Kindness, Authenticity and Self-Confidence.

I have always been a confident person and a big part of that is contributed to my mom and how I was raised. She is a very positive, confident person and she’s always made me believe that there’s nothing in the world that I can’t do. Teaching a young child to believe in herself is a precious gift that reaps a lifetime of rewards.

My mom is also a very kind and generous person. She taught me that food always taste better when it is shared! Now that I’m in a more financially stable stage of my career, I would like to focus my efforts on my dream project that will inspire girls to be more confident and boost their self esteem.


What life lesson do you want to share with others?

I came up against many roadblocks and rejections along the way. I learned not to give up so easily and keep in mind the real cause behind what I’m doing. When people refuse or reject signing up for the retreat, I shouldn’t take it personally because they’re not saying no to me. There may be other valid reasons why they’re refusing to participate. I shouldn’t be afraid to ask and be curious as to why they’re saying no.

I always try to live my life authentically with utmost integrity towards everyone.  Through the relationships I have cultivated and friendships nurtured,  I have reached out to many people during the course of putting this program together and I am so grateful as many have graciously offered to help make this dream a reality.

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